Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Hideous, Bloody Nightmare of War


This mini-article is not "political," although it does inevitably, unavoidably touch on that subject. But that is very peripheral. I do not care about politics. But I have a very welcome passion for morality. And this piece is all about the morality (which means "goodness") of a pres who touts loudly the name of my friend Jesus Christ. He behaves, in fact, as if he talks to Jesus, and gets "directions" from the Lord of Love. But the most cursory examination of his behavior will show, with glaring clarity, that the claim to be directed by God is a lie and an absurd farce. Ironically, his worst enemies, the fanatical Muslims, make exactly the same insane claim!

Evil reaches a certain threshold, hurts enough people, that it creates a pressure within good people to speak up! There comes a point where silence itself constitutes a tacit "approval" of the actions of a government. So, as a public teacher, it is painfully necessary for me to clarify what I believe to be the position of deep spiritual morality on these very human-destroying issues. I must, am forced by the inner Spirit to, speak out against anything that dehumanizes, and destroys, so much human life. And make no mistake: The issues are quite spiritual,
involving massive greed and murder.

The latest polls show, finally, that Americans are against the war, by a large majority! At last, even the dense, gullible, and greedy American public is starting to awaken to the oh-so-obvious fact that it has been hoodwinked by the strutting, smirking pretender into an unjust, unnecessary, and nightmarish war. Despite propoganda, there has been absolutely nothing "clean" or "just" about this ghastly massacre of harmless, incredibly poor people from a third-world country. We are forced to recognize that, from the perspective of hate-filled warmongers, the lives of the very poor have no more value than the blood-soaked mud-puddles in which they are dying. This is rampant, out-of-control mass-murder; and there is no other objective way to see it, flag-waving aside.

I am patriotic, and love this country, and the world. But this war's only purpose was to guard the interest of the fat cats at the top of the oil industry. Dubya could make a total cynic of the best of us. This cruel and dictatorial man has neither measurable intelligence nor compassion. He belongs to, and cares for only, the extremely rich. He has not a nanogram of concern for the common people, and despises and dismisses all foreigners as if they do not exist. He has, in fact, lightly brushed aside the screaming protests of billions of people in almost every country in the world. The U.S. need not let the rest of the world control its foreign policy, but, at the very least, should politely acknowledge, listen to, and care about world-opinion. America's reputation, like its ecology, has been shot to hell. No other administration or president has displayed such callous disregard for the environment, and present policies take us all the way back to the pre-1970's. They threaten truly to ruin and destroy Mother Earth in an ecological Armageddon-- all for the quick buck. As is so often the case, greed lies behind this horrendous evil. And that is supported by a blatant absence of compassion.

This gov has always rushed to support large corporations. It has hurt the common person-- the old, the young, students, the poor, even veterans, due to a consistent pattern of greed and "corporate welfare." Give-aways to giant corporations, plus the war, have stolen billions of dollars from the common people. Schools, libraries, streets and roads, parks, businesses, and almost every other structure that serves the public have suffered enormous economic cut-backs. Social services and medical facilities are actually being forced to close their doors, increasing human suffering.

The latest: The gov is rushing to protect the interests of giant tobacco. And although it is supposedly the Department of Justice bringing the case against it, the gov department has watered down its own case, and is now shamefully willing to settle for nothing. It clearly does not have the interests of the people at heart. This is the same gov that altered the pollution-laws so that our friends now suffer and die from emphysema, bronchitis, lung-cancer, and asthma. This gov has proved beyond the shadow of any reasonable doubt that it values money, and large corporations, over human life and health.

Iraqis love their children too. The massive genocide of 100,000 Iraqis who are innocent, on the blood-altar of big oil, is unconscionable and utterly hideous. We must never forget, or let the ppublic forget, this genocide. For it is a reliable barometer of the "morality" of the fake "Christians" at the top of this bloody farce. It is impossible to imagine Jesus Christ, or the Buddha, speaking up in defense of this greedy, blood-permeated mess, soaking and red with the blood of so many innocents. The lives of the one hundred thousand, and those of the sixteen hundred plus American children, call out to the divine One for justice. And they shall have it!

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