Friday, June 10, 2005

Beginning Spiritual Growth


Of regular communications, including emails, is good friendship made! I appreciate it that your emails are always so neat. You are one of the few who seems to proofread her emails, as they never contain sloppy mistakes and careless errors.:)

Almost everyone on earth is "messed up" in one way or another. For earth is not only a school; it is also a kind of spiritual clinic. We come here, not as "healthy" persons, but as "sick" souls needing recovery and healing. Yes, some claim to be "enlightened masters," but they are more screwed up than even the rest of us! For they carry a nightmarish burden of ego.

Probably the first, and most important, lesson that we are here to learn is that, deep within our minds, we are beings of purity, tranquility, and wisdom. Your mind-- the part that you know about, called the "conscious mind"-- floats in a great ocean or galaxy of Mind, called the great Mind, or the great Unconscious. This is a Mind of total Love, endless bliss, and bottomless serenity. It also contains immense wisdom.

In meditation, it is normal and natural to come across parts of the mind that contain less-than-beautiful contents. This is the notorious "subconscious" mind, the "garbage bin" of the mind. All people have a "garbage bin" in the subconscious. But we must push through this "wall" or "curtain." On the other side, we discover the bright, great Mind of Love and peace. This is a Mind filled with compassion, wonder, and joy.

Please never regard yourself as "worse" or "more evil" than others. You are not. You have just forgotten that this exquisite and gorgeous Mind -- the Mind of the Goddess -- lives within you. As we work and play together on the spiritual path, you will remember Her, and soon, will be able to get in touch with the Love-Goddess within yourself. (Note: This "Love" is "universal" or "cosmic Love," not just sex, and includes compassion, goodness, kindness, etc.)

Every day, we want to acknowledge this giant Infinity of goodness and beauty within us. We turn to Her in prayer, and share the delights of our lives. "Prayer" is not a formal, stiff "address" to the Goddess. Sometimes, the deepest and most sincere prayer can be, "Wow! What a beautiful sunset!" Or, "Great watermelon!" Or, and this is a mystical favorite, simple silence.

Every thought of Love is a prayer. We want, as often as possible, to fill our minds with thoughts of joy, compassion, peace, and related positivities. To turn our lives over completely, to surrender, to the Love within, is to change our lives for the better-- forever!

Here is a technique that can help you grow up more fully and outgrow the effects of your parents: You are an adult, and they are adults. To signal this to your subconscious, try calling them by their first names, as any other adult would do. I have seen this simple act result in almost miraculous changes, as it provides amazing freedom. As an adult, you must grow to the point where you have no "mommy and daddy" but have instead become your own "parent." This is a valid and valuable part of healthy maturation. You will be glad that you did it, even though, in the beginning, it feels strange. It is a liberating exercise.

It is good, and shows your brightness and wisdom, that you feel the need for self-repair. But growth is change, and your human (lower) nature might be afraid of change. But the worst choice possible is to allow fear to run, drive, or control your life. So, when you decide to change, you should celebrate! Change is good! It means that you are growing! So, when I challenge you to change, it is only because of my Love for you. I promise never to ask you to make any harmful, or even potentially harmful, changes.

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