Thursday, April 28, 2005

Some Notes on Numerology


Everyday numerology can tell us mostly peripherals about the directions and events of our lives. There are numerological extremists, who tend to be radically controlled by the numbers in their lives. They seem always upset, in a frenetic and kinetic frenzy!

Their problem is that they are always trying to control every factor of their lives. That word "control" always rings alarmbells in the mind of a mystic. Of course, there are many actions that we can take to improve our lives, and we should take them. But if we allow our lives to be over-regulated by numerology, and we attempt to regulate that, we can fall into a tailspin of fears and superstitions. This can dominate life rather unpleasantly, stripping it of its precious freedoms.

For numerologists fall far too easily into lives dominated by superstitions. Numbers are designed to give us signals, or feedback, from the Unconscious-- not to wrest "control" of our lives.:)

A nine means the end of a cycle of learning in your life. This is great, because the immediately passed learning-cycle has been a very tough one! Thank Love that it is over!

Five is not a "bad" number; as you might suspect, there are no "bad" numbers. Five does emphasize the cultivation of senses, and sensory, even sensual, experiences. It is the specifically human number, and, as an address, implies that human activities will be developed in the house. Since this includes biology, and all bio-activities, this could imply even a physical healing-- especially when combined with the nine.

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