Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Dualism in Ordinary Reality


It is undeniable that, in our timespace world of relativity, both negative and positive polarities of energy do exist. These exist as polar opposites-- opposite poles on a very wide spectrum of energy.

This is the case in the "physical, material, external" world. Why? Because this world has been designed by the great Mind as a school; and for our lessons actually to teach us, for us actually to learn and grow, it was necessary for the Creator to set up this world with that duality. If there were no "evil" and good, we would be clueless. We could not tell the difference between the polarities, and would be lost.

The good/evil division, then, is a great tool for teaching us. In being attracted to the good, and repelled by the evil, we are able to set up a lifedesign of reason, balance, intelligence, wisdom, and compassion (Love).

But there is a world "more real," and more important, than this relative world of spacetime and matter. For everything in this world passes. The greater, more significant, world is the interior "world" of Mind. This Mindworld precedes and creates the ordinary, everyday world of matter, and contains eternity, outside of time. Jesus called this the "timeless" life (using a Greek adjective, aionian, usually mistranslated as "everlasting.")

In this timeless mind-- which is deep within your Unconscious, there is no time, no matter, and no "outside." The entire "external" or "material" world is experienced in this interior Mindworld. For it is the source of perception, sensation, images, feelings, and every other mindevent. Because the "external" world is not "outside the mind," and because it is dreamed up by the mind, that is why it is secondary in importance. This view makes materialism appear extra foolish and absurd.

In the superior Mindworld, there is no "evil." That means that evil has only a relative existence; it is not absolute. It is a part of the maya, illusion, or dream of this present world. So, negative energies do exist in this world, but have no real, permanent, or lasting existence. They do not exist in pure Mind, and so, are "illusion."

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