Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Slaughter of Seals and Dolphins


The fools and barbarians are at it again! Canadian "hunters," big, impressive men, have once again taken to the ice-fields to club and bludgeon to death baby seals-- some as young as twelve days old! These men are forced, and destined, to live in the worst "hell" imaginable-- their own minds! But their selfcreated "hells" have only just begun!

This atrocity strikes the gentle, sensitive heart like lightning. We do not want to hear about it, or read about it. That is understood. Still, from a spiritual overview, more is going on "behind the scenes."

The nightmare of this atrocity has been going on for thirty years in modern times, and for centuries before. One way that a tender heartmind can tolerate the horror is by the realization of karma.

For thousands of the baby seals being battered to death are the former human hunters of seals, reincarnated in the form of baby seals so as to get a truer perspective. Similarly, with the abuse of dolphins, they are not ALL "innocent" victims. By now, many thousands of dolphins are reincarnations of human beings who used to abuse, torture, and murder dolphins.

The same is true of the baby seals. About ninety thousand will be affected, and so, we must ask, "Is it possible that one single human soul could simultaneously reincarnate as several seals? Yes, it is certainly possible. This would significantly amplify the pain and agony, and would unforgettably imprint the lesson on the soul. So, looking at the horror of the slaughter, we can find a tiny bit of comfort in the outworking of a just and balanced law of karma that serves Love. Perhaps as many as one hundred percent of the seals and dolphins currently being murdered are really vicious human "animals" reincarnated to feel the ghastly agony that careless, callous stupidity and greed bring to our animal sisters and brothers.

Despite appearances to the contrary, perhaps the truest and fullest justice is working itself out through all the pain and loss. Only Love is great enough to erase or neutralize karma, and now, these beastly hunters are being forced to learn just how crucial and indispensable Love really is!

Please stay open to this explanation, as it is the only one that implies the creation of any justice amidst the storms of blood cshed by the horrific hunters. At this moment, those hunters are learning their lessons well. When, in the future, they return as human beings, it will be as tender, gentle, sensitive beings of compassion, sympathy, and Love.

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