Saturday, April 09, 2005

Sharing Ideas


In questions as complex as abortion, there are a thousand, and more, "sub-questions" that must be asked and answered. And do old men really have the right, or the knowledge, or the wisdom, to make the most important decision a young woman will ever have to make in her entire life?

The answer to this and many other questions is embedded in your entire view of the cosmos. It is part of your relationnship with the Infinite, with "God." (Like John and other ancient writers, I define "God" as "Love.":) This makes answering difficult problems both more complex, and simpler. All answers to all important questions are interwoven with images of self, selfishness, and kindness towards others. Most forms of Love begin with Selflove, and she who cannot, tragically, love herself is usually incapable of loving others with healing Love.

I'm not interested in "converting" anyone to any particular religion. I share my perspectives only after I am actively requested to do so. Spirituality is the main factor in my life. But that is said only as an intro to this: I am not a religious man. The deepest, most sincere practice of spirituality need not even imply religion. Jesus, and other great teachers, even went against the popular religions of their day. I have nothing against religious people. We need to try to make practical spirituality the Center of our lives. That, however, does not imply that I must "shove religion down your throat.":)

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