Saturday, April 02, 2005

Significance of Five


In numerology, including the spiritual and archetypal varieties, each of the ten numerals from zero through nine has a symbolic meaning.

The meaning of five in alchemical and metaphysical (as well as spiritual and astrological) numerology has always been those factors that are specifically human. This is due to the synchronicities of nature: Human beings have five fingers on each hand, five toes on each foot, five extensions from the trunk, and vfive normal senses.

So, it is a number that represents human art, human science, human religion, human philosophy, and even human history. Mostly, however, it represents human psychology, including human Love. Human Love, although somewhat limited, is a true form of genuine Love, and can be a human being's greatest delight.

The coming date 050505 is a great time to pursue the human social calender, to join hands with other people to accomplish goals that truly help human beings and fulfill human needs. Specifically, it is the perfect time to aid others medically, nutritionally, and physically. It would be an "auspicious" time to begin a nutrition-program, for example, or a physical-therapy or exercise program. It would also be a great time to begin any new human path, which does not imply spirituality (we are only "part human") or the higher paths, but things concerned with the human world-- economics, relationships, selfesteem, and other human concerns, which are many. If we do these "human" tasks well, they become or express Love, and thus, are no longer limited to the "human" factors.

Dates such as 050505 remind us that new beginnings are always enriching, even if they seem to "go nowhere" or to "fail." For we can always learn from them, and that is the very reason that we have come to earth. Earth is no place to "live," and no one "lives" here, but it is one heaven of a school!:) We are all "jvtp"-- just visiting this planet!:) Soon, we will be "outta here"! So, while we share this blue nanosphere, for but an eye-blink, it is a great time to strengthen our human Love in relationship by communication, giving, tenderness, forgiveness, and "little" acts of kindness. There is, after all, no "small" act of Love! Each is gigantic and megalithic in our cosmic history.

Since the month of May is under the influence of "taurus" energy in the early part, we can especially do "taurus" activities. We can give to charity, start or increase giving, or saving; we can work with flowers, trees, and living things; we can increase our own, or others' comfort; we can give ourselves the gift of moderate and healthy food and exercise; we can organize our homes; and we can act deliberately to break the harmful habits of procrastination: We can stop putting off that long-anticipated project, and actually begin to do it!

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