Saturday, April 02, 2005

Help Us Change the World

We need small businesses and services that have a spiritual orientation, to support the new proposed radioprogram on WCKY. Right at the current moment, nothing is set in concrete; everything is "written on water," in a very fluid state. So, we are not seeking solid contracts, but are simply sending out this letter as a "feeler" to see exactly who is "out there," and who might reap the gigantic benefits of our advertising their services.

We, the team at Love Ministries, have been working, diligently and sincerely, for months, to get the radioshow, "High Spirits," on WCKY.

ABOUT THE PROGRAM. This program will be a one-hour, call-in show designed to aid, advise, and support people in confusion and crisis. We will emphasize practicality. Its theme is "agapology"-- the psychology of Love. This includes Love for the self as well as for others.

ABOUT THE HOST. Richard Shining Thunder Francis has been a spiritual teacher, lifedesign consultant, and psychospiritual advisor for thirty years. His formal training is in psychology (he has a master's in psych), but his passion is spirituality. He has written and published twelve books on spiritual psychology. He has served as advisor for the "Sixty Minutes" tv program, Newsweek and Time magazines, and his work has been mentioned in the New York Times. He is the founder of Love Ministries, Inc., the Institute of Agapology and Metaphysics, and of the
Pneumarium Network of discussion-groups. He has appeared on radioprograms throughout the U.S., and on national radio in Europe. He served as managing editor of Lovespirit and Cosmic Visions magazines, and is current managing editor of Lovelight magazine and the "Universal Love Digest." He has been the subject of three tv series, "The Way of Universal Love," "The Psychology of Spirituality," and, "Spiritual Awakenings." He does all his spiritual work free of charge, and it is all supported solely by Love-donations.

MORE ABOUT THE SHOW. "High Spirits" is planned to be a spiritual program, as no subject is more spiritual than Love. In its overall design, we plan to explore together the fascinating fields of psychology, metaphysics, philosophy, religion, parapsychology, nature, nontraditional and eccentric cults, and a wide spectrum of related topics. We will advocate no single religious path, for all have their jewels. But the show will orbit mysticism, the intercultural, inter-religious Way of Love and enlightenment. This was the path shared by Jesus, the Buddha, Solomon, Lao Tzu, Al Hallaj, and many other spiritual luminaries.

But full success still depends on how many local underwriters that we can drum up. We hope that you will help yourself and our community by becoming one of them!

An "underwriter" is a company, service, or individual who supports the show economically. So, here is our plan:

We are going to gather ten very lucky underwriters. Your cost would be only $2000 to have your contact info broadcast weekly. This could include:

your name
your business-name
your phone-number
your business phone-number
your address
your business-address
your email address
your business email address
your website

Any combination of the listed factors will be highlighted before tens of thousands of potential eager customers once every week! This will also be no ordinary audience. For it will be a "hand-selected" and specialized audience with very specific interests in your products/services. This unique audience will be especially attracted to alternative lifestyles, health and healthy foods, "new-age" materials, and spirituality.

This would not be an expenditure, but a fine investment almost guaranteed to send your business into the clouds! In an instant, more people could learn about your enterprise than with years of ordinary word-of-mouth advertising! Working together, we can change the world!

If you have any questions, please feel free to share them, at:

Peace, Joy, and Love,

Richard Shining Thunder Francis

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