Saturday, April 02, 2005

Giving In, not Just Giving Up


Life whips us around a bit, and it feels painful and even abusive. But this can really be the action of the deep Lovemind in the Unconscious. It is trying, due to our deeper Dreamind (Coremind or Creatormind at the Center), to force us into the position where we completely "give up." Only after that, when we realize that we cannot regulate our lives and create the best harmony, are we ready truly to surrender to the great Unconscious (God, Spirit, or Love). This is the best decision that you can or will ever make, but "getting there" is no fun!

So, you are making precisely the decision that the great Mind wants you to make. You are deciding to surrender control of your lifedesign. This is not easy, and it often takes several tries. It is not "copping out," or trying to avoid responsibility. It is just that your lifedesign is beyond your true responsibility. It is also beyond your personal capacity. Why? Because God (Lovemind) wants the job!

For example, a keyboard that had a life of its own-- things that IT wanted to write-- would be useless. To be an effective instrument, it has to serve the will of the person using it. And to be useful to God (Love), we must give up the many personal "I want" programs, and finally say-- even if we say it in discouraged exhaustion-- "Thy will be done."

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