Saturday, April 02, 2005

The "Flood" of Genesis


Most mystics believe that the Hebrew Scriptures are not literal history, but allegory or symbolic writing. This is especially true of Genesis.

The account of the "Flood" is a good example. Water is the symbol of the Unconscious. It is within the Unconscious that the deepest Mind, the Coremind, Lovemind, or Supermind, dwells. This is a galaxy of purest stainless Love. This is God or Spirit.

It is this Power of Love that is well represented by the "waters" of the Flood. It "kills" (deactivates) all the negative human energies (people) and animal nature (other creatures) within the Mind. In Genesis, the "Flood" occurs because of the "evil" in the world. So, the presence of apparent "evil" in the mind triggers our personal interior and cleansing "flood."

But it leaves all the human goodness (Noah and his family) as well as all the positive uses of animalmind (creatures in the "ark") intact. For "animal" force, or bio-energy is not bad. It just makes a nightmarish "master." Used to serve Love, it can be very positive and helpful.

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joe said...

Man are u for real with these comments. It must be a joke right. WOOOOW the 70s are over stop the drugs man please for your own good.
Actually i change my mind the more I read it the harder I laugh. Thanks for the post didn't know u do comedy...hahahahah