Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Politics and Compassion: The Forgotten Promise


No matter how dense certain people seem-- and those in public office can often seem denser than matter from neutron stars-- no karmic agenda can "take forever." But it must be admitted that any person responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths will take millennia, or even eons, to come back to an earthlike planet, and die as many deaths as he has caused. This is why the inevitable outworking of karma is not time-limited. The cosmic Mind of perfect justice and absolute equilibrium does have forever to work out the correct and adequate equations. You can rest assured that It thinks nothing of pitiable human "power," and that this sad, laughable little "power" is less than a hair on a gnat when compared with true Power! The Power that wraps, and unwinds, galaxies is the One that will enforce justice on a microscopic level, and It misses nothing.

As is the case with the brutality and subhuman atrocity of the seal-hunters in Canada, so with evil and greedy persons "in power." They are literally powerless before the One, the cosmic Mind. It records, remembers, and will recall all their voluntary, deliberate evil. A man who has been behind a hundred thousand deaths of violence must come back and die a hundred thousand violent deaths, as a poor, middle Eastern woman, man, or child. There is simply no getting around, or avoiding, the precise and absolute calculations of the karmic Mindmaster.

Sadly, many older people, who gave their all in WW2, are feeling nightmarishly betrayed as veterans' benefits have been curtailed. Many students are also feeling short-changed. Tons of money have been stolen from the public in order to finance murder. It takes truckloads of cash to slaughter tens of thousands of innocents, and more to massacre American girls and boys. Corporate bribes require even more money that actually belongs to the American people. This is not mere "politics." This is the deliberate practice of evil, the indulgence in mad egotism and out-of-control greed. In the long run, this hurts everyone.

A government is like an individual: It can "say" or claim anything. But only its behavior shows its true priorities and values. The only, sole, and single value of some in "power" is the dollar. They have proved, repeatedly and indubitably, that dollars are much more important to them than are human and other lives. These are absurd, backwards, and regressive policies. They are implemented by people who are both psychologically and morally arrested. These guys could not figure their way out of a room with twenty-five exit-doors! Nothing is as stupid as deliberate cruelty for cash. It will inevitably lead to disaster-- on both a personal karmic level and a social one.

The definition of "fascism" is sharing governmental power with corporations. In earlier decades, this word meant Hitler and his madness. Today, it means others and their insanities, created and fed by greed.

The hope of the country, and the world, is people of strong integrity. These are the truest and deepest "patriots," for they (we) speak against violence, robbbery (of both the people and the planet), and greed-- which hurt every American, and all global, citizens. We, the people and Communion of Love, must speak against greed and egotism gone mad. To remain silent would be a real and genuine betrayal. We must defend compassion-- not "compassionate conservatism," but the real thing!

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