Saturday, April 02, 2005

Godimages and "New Thought"


Thanks for the uplifting words re the brochure. And many, many more thanks for sending it along to interested parties!!:) That is great, and precisely what we hoped would happen!!:) We do so very much appreciate your kind and thoughtful cooperation with the great mission of teaching Love to others.

It was a pleasure to respond in detail to your question re "God as Energy." Many people make this spiritually fatal error, and thus, come to see God in the language of "machinery," or dumb "energy." Thus do they lose touch with the central belief of reality or truth: God is Love. The moment that we forget this, we fall into many kinds of illusions, including false godimages such as "big daddy in the sky,"
"Santa Claus," the "genie," or the "white knight."

Some "new thought" teachings are indeed very profound and wise. But others are foolish, or just plain silly. Still others are wrong, or even dangerous. "New thought" is not homogeneous, but quite a "mixed bag.":)

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