Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A Friend about to Die


Full recovery might not be what your friend in a coma wants. At the moment of actual death, all fear evaporates instantly. If we are lucky, we get a vision of the Homeworld, or afterlife condition. I was there: btdt! (been there, done that). When, at that moment, we are so warmly, brightly coddled by the Love of the cosmos, it changes everything. Also, if we get even a tiny glimpse of the afterlife world, we do not always want to "come back." Often, a coma gives us the perfect opportunity to see, or even to visit, the Homeworld. When that happens, a person simply loses interest in, and does not want to return to, the earthlife.

Whatever happens with your friend, you can rest assured that his mind has worked out a plan with the Lovemind, and that the will of Love will be done; Love will have Its way, no matter what any, or all, of us want.:) Your friend is in good hands-- and I don't mean "Allstate"!:)

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