Saturday, January 03, 2009

War and the Israelis

Thanks to Mick Gallagher.

War and the Israelis

Israel is about to send ground troops and tanks into Gaza. The American Corporate media are so pro-Israel that it just astounds me. The Kasam rockets never seem to hit populated areas. Why would the Palestinians risk such blowback from the far superior Western-backed and -financed killing machine, with "U.S". all over their rockets, missiles, and bombs?

4 Israeli's have died; 427 Palestinians, including many infants, children, and elderly. They have nothing but suicide bombs and cheap mortars. It is their land. Get out, and give it back! I just heard the nephew of Bibi Netanyhu (who is the chief murderer of the Likud Party). His nephew is a pacifist, peacemaker, who is a Colonel in the 1st rate IDF/Air Force. He is a pilot. He said, and I quote:

"The American Media is a joke; they have caved into the Israeli Lobby, with it's massive sums of $$.--AIPAC, and so forth. At least, in Israel, there is a fair [and] open discussion of the right wing hard line offensives".

He continued: " American's, Jews, Christians, doesn't matter, you should not accept all of Israel's policies...they are not always honorable. We Jews criticize our own Government, constantly. I will say [it] again: What is amazing, as in [the] U.S. is that the majority of the citizens want all this killing to stop, but the hard liners-- and my uncle is one of the leaders of this-- ignore this."


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