Monday, January 12, 2009

Articles for uld and "Lovelight" Magazine

All that you send is always deeply appreciated. Like everything else in this life, it is enfolded into our learning/education program. But I need to tell you that this audiocyberdevice (talking computer) is rather clumsy in operation, even "user hostile"! So, I cannot check attachments or forwards. I have, unfortunately, access only to the body of an email-- which can be, and is, read without difficulty.

That is why it is so much better to send anything of particular interest to the elovefamily directly in the body of an email, and not as an "attachment," or "forward." For these are inaccessible to me, and must be checked only later, with Adamaria's most kind assistance.

So, if you have anything that you want published in the uld ("Universal Love Digest") or in Lovelight magazine, please send it directly within, or inside, your email itself, and not as an attachment.:)

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