Monday, January 19, 2009

Two older, but important, stories

Thanks to Mick Gallagher

Two older, but important, stories
2 stories that are of upmost importance:

The Bruce Ivins Story: The loyal Government scientist they are attempting to scapegoat, even in death..for the 9/11 related anthrax letters. They couldn't take down Dr. Hatfield (he was emotionally stronger than Ivins); NY Times just had a seven-page 'whitewash' piece yesterday...trying to discredit him, denegrate him after the FBI hounded him for almost 2 yrs....invading his house, ransacking it in the middle of the night--essentially terrorizing his family. When you hear neighbors, co-workers at FT. Dettrick speak of him, it is not the profile of a psycho mass murderer.

The Michael Connell Story: May he rest in peace also. Killed Dec. 19th as he flew his single engine piper cub into Akron-Canton airport, an airport he was very familiar with. He lived in Bath Twp., near Solon.

This was on approach, by the way...2 miles out, 9 mile visibility. Now--"who the hell is Mike Connell, you ask"? Just the GOP's IT Guru, who worked for Karl Rove..his companies helped RNC, Bush-Cheney win in 2000, and 2004, allegedly.....he had just been deposed in Fed Court in Col., Nov 3rd...right before the Obama Victory. There were reasons for the timing of his subpoena....I think you know why.

He was also at the center of the 02 mid-term selections....remember Paul Wellstone dies along with his family 11 days before he was expected to win Minnesota.

Mel Carnanhan killed in his campaign plane in Mississippi.....right before he was expected to win there, also. His widow took his senate seat. It was John Ashcrofts.

Connell was threatened by Rove and associates, last June...if he didn't take the fall, for any indictments..Rove's minions would expose Connells wife to Federal charges for illegal lobbying activities, etc. Most of Connell's deposition was sealed for various reasons.....but we do know he explained how he and a 'Mr. Spoonamore' diverted election results in 04...from Ken Blackwell's office to his office (via internet)--to his other flip votes from Kerry to Bush.

Then in the middle of the Night, Blackwell certified them. Let us please keep these 2 vital stories alive. EVIL HAPPENS WHEN GOOD PEOPLE DECIDE TO SAY, DO NOTHING.


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