Saturday, January 31, 2009

E-activism, Part II

In a previous issue of the uld, we suggested that e-activism, involving sending emails to corporations, congress-people, leaders, and signing petitions, is a valid form of Lovexpression-- particularly for those who cannot be mobile, for some reason.

Some of you felt as if this was not enough. And you were right.

True "e-activism" does not end with forwarding emails or signing petitions. These actions, although good and fine, expressing real concern for human beings and other creatures, are only a good start. But to be maximally meaningful, e-activism must include not only fine ideals, but actions that support those fine ideals.

Every group that supports humanity and animals requires money. So do groups that are striving to maintain a reasonable balance with nature(ecology). So, let us prioritize our limited funds, and support these fine causes, walking our talk.

In one evening, fyi, Love Ministries divided up its Love-donations as follows: A check was written to Mercy Corps, the Humane Society,American Friends,Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals,Children International,St. Joseph's School for Native Americans, Amnesty International, the Llamafarm, and Students Against Drunk Driving.

Of course, as all of our friends know, Love Ministries operates on a minimal, "shoestring" budget. This is because Love Ministries almost never receives any Love-donations. There is one wonderful exception, for one of our beloved sisters has donated for years, and on a regular basis, to our Ministries. And we also do have a very few clients who make small but regular donations for counseling. But because we have decided to do all our spiritual work free of charge, free of fees, we do not receive any funds for almost all the work that we do. This includes work connected with the Pneumarium Lightcenter, writing, reading, studying, proofing, rewriting, packagingg, and mailing over twenty books to people open to spiritual development. This ezine (emagazine) together with its "sister" magazine, the ezine Lovelight, which is about twenty pages, and comes out once a month, are also distributed free of all costs.

When performing your e-activism, please do not think that your donations must be large! These charitable orgs are often grateful for donations of as little as $5.
And the checks that we send out are about $5-$20. For it is an undeniable fact that if every group received five or ten dollars from everyone to whom they sent an email, they would be flooded with more money than they could use! So, in a way, small donations can be only symbolic of the things that we really value. But, as the people of Love, we are also the people of compassion. We share a passion to improve the planet! We want life, in fact, improved for every selfaware being!

So, let's not simply talk about these fine ideals. Instead, get yourself on the mailing-lists of any of the excellent causes by responding to their requests, or by sending them $5. For this is an investment in principles in which we all can believe, and, in the end, it is an investment in eternity!

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