Monday, January 12, 2009

Election-related Deaths

Thanks to Mick Gallagher.
Milton recommends, at OpEdNews:

Check out all these unexpected deaths of people involved with elections

This story should be huge in the media. It goes straight to the top; but the ruling minority elite have the corp media in a stranglehold. This guy just testified to Fed's in Akron, on Nov. 2nd & 3rd re malfeasance in the stolen elections of twenty hundred, twenty-oh-two, and twenty-oh-four, and also the swiftboating of Kerry in twenty-oh-four. Not to mention the erasure of White House emails over the last several yrs. He was paid $800K by Bush operatives(Rove, Libby) had worked with Jack Abramoff. Was threatened by Rove last June, that if he didn't take the fall for all this, something might happen to him & his family.

Twice over the last 2 months he canceled flights on his plane because it had been tampered with. His friend at the hangar warned him 2-3 times not 2 fly it, and he worried about it, then canceled his flight times.

That was right before he was subpoenaed, before Nov. 4th, and about 1 month before he was to be depositioned by Fed authorities @ the Akron Federal Courthouse. Very deep, and far reaching: [It involves] Rove, Blackwell, Bush-Cheney, Abramoff; he has been a close confidant of the Bush family since the 1980's.

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