Monday, January 12, 2009

Exciting Solstice Party!

On Sunday, December 21, 2008, from noon till about 4 pm, we all excitedly enjoyed the annual Pneumarium Solstice Party.:) There was much laughter and warmth shared among dear friends in our "extended spiritual family"; the whole place glowed with Love and laughter. And gifts were also kindly, generously, and so-pleasantly exchanged. [Each brought a gift costing about $10; and each left with one (hopefully, not the same one!:)]
We all grew very toasty and warm despite the winter weather. Many candles lent warmth to the room and to the beautiful, fun-filled atmosphere. Cherigene and Jan gave Richard and Adamaria beautiful sweaters made of alpaca, with llamas on them! (Talk about the perfect gift!:) Charles Sides very generously gave us a quartz/infrared heater, which kept us ensconced in warmth later. We shared many great feelings; everyone was in a fantastic mood, and conversations richly, warmly
blossomed and flourished, with a background of Christmas music. Pat, Adamaria, Charles and Jennifer Sides, Albert, Tracey, Dennis, Cherigene, Jan, Jim, Maureen, Jim, Jr., shi, and all the others from the happy Pneumariumfamily send their snow-glowing greetings, with smiles, to the elove family and elovecommunity.:)

Joyful, Happy Love and Light,

the editors of the uld

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