Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Moderate and Centrist Position

In the modern political struggle, it is easy to fall prey to the idea that we must be either "left" or "right" in our political choices. But Love commands that we listen to all, consider all, before making the choices that support compassion, service, and even spending, for others.

There are many paths open to us who live in a free society. And we should all thank Love for this freedom-- hard-won, over centuries, by countless thousands who gave their lives so that we might celebrate freedom. Those who died for us also walked the Way of Love, even though they might not have spoken about It, and might not have even called It the "Way of Love."

To choose a political position can be a task rife with hidden perils. For if we go too far to the left, we can end up identified with neoretrohippy environmentalists, and even Communists; and if we go too far to the right, we can end up identified with the destructive neo-nazis or "Identity Christianity," which would be equally tragic.

Let us then, together, embrace a position near the middle of the spectrum, mirroring the "middle Way" recommended by the Buddha. We are then free to lean as far to the left, or as far to the right, as we want to, with individual issues. We can declare that the only things that are important to us are honesty, compassion, transparency, accountability, oversight, and other matters of common sense. This keeps us from being caught in the swift rapids of currents that pull too far to the right or the left. The path of Centrist Compassion calls to us all. May we all have the brains and the hearts to respond.

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