Sunday, January 04, 2009

Project K and Support of Ministries

We are prepping this morning [Sunday, January 4] for a Pneumarium-gathering, which we have every two weeks on Sunday. (Usually between five and twenty-some friends show up.:)

Re your note: The final medical appointment, so far, for the donkey [body] is this Tuesday, the sixth. At least, that is the last medical appointment scheduled at present. Sometime after that, we should be able to set the date for the transplant. Our dear friend Sandi, the donor, has also finished with all her tests.

Barring yet another obstacle or detour, we should be ready to set a date pretty soon.:) But life wisely teaches us to live as free of expectations as possible, so,time will tell, and we shall see.:)

Re your other question: We have several books "waiting in the wings" right now, which we cannot afford to publish. There is a four-volume set: One is an intro to the Way of Love, emphasizing its intercultural history; one is about Judaism (largely Kabbalah); one is about Christianity (early history and gnosticism); and one is about Sufism (the poetic tradition within Muslim culture). Another book still waiting is Love and the Cosmos: Seven Thousand Spiritual Verses. This is a collection of selections from the "Universal Love Digest" since its founding, many years ago. And the last "waiting book-to-be" is A Happier Person: How to Become One, a simple and small book which explains many of the practical principles of deeper spirituality, emphasizing "agapology" (the psychology of Love).

Thank you so much for your continued interest in the practical survival of our Love Ministries. We receive donations from practically no one, although there is a very kind Irish family who helps, and another anonymous donor who likes, because she is so beautiful, to remain anonymous. Other than these two or three, no one else has donated to our Ministries regularly enough to be reliable. We have been able to
publish so far because of a real-estate sale made a few years ago, but
now, that fund has been entirely used up. Still, the resources of the cosmos are endless and bottomless, and Love will accomplish Her will, in one way or another-- on that, you can rely!:):)

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