Friday, January 09, 2009

Love Ministries Support

Thank you for staying "spot on" with the uld, and especially for your awareness of the needs of Love Ministries. We do want our friends to be alerted to our real needs in this materialistic world; but we must make absolutely certain that we do not become materialistic (greedy or money-hungry) during this task. We have seen this tragedy occur to several ministries, and "ministers" or "spiritual teachers." It is so very common, in fact, that the Ministry which does not devolve into a money-grubbing, endless request for funds is the shining exception! So, we almost never mention money; everyone knows that publishing is very expensive, don't they? (If they are relatively educated, they should!:) Postage is also a major expense.

The Ministries radically consume time, which is given freely. I do not believe that a true servant of the people should be "paid" for spiritual work; let her/him earn money from other sources. We are highly distressed by the tendency for ministries and ministers to try to turn spiritual education into a mere "market commodity," like potatoes or beans. For pure spirituality should ideally be a gift, heart-to-heart, not one of the "things bought at the market today."

So, we refuse to follow others in endlessly, repeatedly "begging" for donations. To keep you informed, we do publish, in the uld, regular reports for the Love Ministries Federation, and, of course, you can always donate through this. But a ministry should exist to teach and to share; if it starts to exist only to gather funds, it is already corrupted with greed, which our Eastern sisters and brothers identify as a "gateway to hell.":)

Other teachers sometimes complain bitterly because we have always done all our spiritual work for Love-donations alone; we do not ever charge fees. We have no record that Jesus or the Buddha ever set up a toll-booth.:)

So, let's always work to stay as far from that as life will permit us!

Thanks for your continuing interest in, and support of, Love Ministries as we strive to teach the Message of Love.

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