Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Some Thoughts about Jesus

Thanks to Mick Gallagher.

Sometimes, and I mean no irreverant offense by this, the most overtly "religious" can be the most unevolved spiritually, emotionally, because of an upbringing in a "fear-filled" atmosphere, also [influenced by], "black-and-white" infantile thinking. [This includes the illusory belief] that the "outer" world is somehow out to hurt us. And,of course, our corporation-obsessed] government also uses this tactic for power, wealth & control.
The "righteous" were wrong in Jesus' time too.
Who were the elders who were threatened the most by Jesus "The Christ"?
The powerful[, influential] Jews [and] Romans. Yes, Jesus "messed with" their belief systems too. He also "screwed with" their money-- their mercantile, greedy ways.
Yet, they were men of the Law-- the [so-called] "old covenant."
Everything had to be "by the book." [That book was the Jewish Bible, the Hebrew Scriptures, the so-called "Old Testament."] Jesus saw above & beyond the man made/written law. But, now I can see similarity's to today's fundamentalist religions--all twenty-three "sky-god" religions. [They call themselves] "Abramaic-- "from the bosom of Abraham."
Sometimes these "religious" folks love to hate! Strangely enough, that's understandable for us, because we're all "heathens," and [many] have 'bad' intent for all humankind. Yet, we seem to be the most peaceloving. Strange, isn't it?
If your really a "New Testament" Christian, shouldn't you emulate our Wayshower Jesus "the Christ"? So very convaluted!


Well worth watching

Good morning, everyone,

This video clip of Donna Brazile is well worth watching. Unfortunately, too many Americans have a closet agenda of race bias in the presidential election. Brazile puts it into perspective....

This is wonderful and "off the cuff".......

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