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Mea Culpa - Worded a little strongly

Thanks to Mick Gallagher.
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-------Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2008 06:25:02 -0400 (GMT-04:00)
Subject: mea culpa---OK--maybe it was worded a lil strongly

I apologize for the irreverant, rascist sounding rant, in which I was totally wrong.

RE: Wall St. being closed for rosh Hashana (Sha Na Na, Ramma-damma ding-dong};

Milton Friedman immediately called me on it...and demanded an apology.

Now a call from Uncle Miltie would be nuthin unusual, except that he died 2 yrs ago.

So--ya my Karma Cameleon Russel came down heavy.....1st off it was our congress that closed for Jewish New Year is it? I thought it was just the Gov. end of fiscal year? Funny how doz 2 go together, ain't it. Gotta get dem bids in!!

Uhhh...but it was a lil bigoted sounding, even though I am not anti-semetic. I only wanna bring it to everyone's attention--that their Semite Cousins...are considered 'less than' to many, like us Goyim.

But---that is mainly a Zionist supremist view...and if I'm not mistaken, they are suspected as not really being Hebrew. And the 'True Jews' are in the majority(pop. wise);

Only problem as you well know is that the Gov [of Israel] is run, now by a minority of hawkish Zionist's---in the Likud branch of the Knesset. But--Olmert(who is to resign soon) shocked the world with his statements regarding the old Zionist guard. OUTSTANDING!! ALSO KNOW---I believe in giving praise & credit where it is deserved:
You cannot fault the good Jewish high achievers for being the best at everything they do.

They are unbelievably great people...and have done much for the human race, philanthropy, trusts, grants for the poor,etc.,etc. The Arts & culture, medicine, technology. My cardiologist , considered the best at Kettering Med Center, here in Dayton...saved my life. I am eternally grateful to many, including the surgeon, nurse & staff....a 7th Day Adventist I do have a problem with them,
the AnaBaptists, and the Zorastrians. Just kidding...go and Let It Be' a Good Day.

Peace be upon you & yours!!

Mickey McQuire (Sinn Fein) [Mick Gallagher]

Dear Mick,

We often enjoy your progressive political slannt, and do like to share your perspectives, from time to time, with our beloved efamily [elovefamily]. But, as we have stated several times, in lectures, books, and other venues and writings, we wholeheartedly reject any kind of bigotry--as you also do. And we are very glad that you clarified this point for our readers. Antisemitic bigotry is as destructive and ignorance-based as any other bigotry; it is not unforgivable, but it is indefensible from the viewpoint of any cultured, sane, civilized being.

As we have clearly stated several times, no one is ever responsible for the activities or behaviors of her ancestors! Bigotry is foolishness, and can never be defended on either rational or spiritual grounds; and, for whatever record there might be (including akasha), we renounce and denounce bigotry in all of its sorry manifestations. We believe that all people are equal in their possession of the Spirit at the Center of all Mind, and that each is capable of expressing the God(dess) of purest Love.

In fact, we do not even believe that human beings are animals. We believe that they (we) are all Soulminds. And a Soulmind, being immaterial and nonphysical, does nnot belong to any particular race; so racial prejudice is unthinkable from the most elevated spiritual perspective.

Love to All,

a frannnciscan taoist and the staff of Love Ministries USA

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