Monday, October 20, 2008

Animalcharities: Using Common Sense and Caution

Animalcharities: Using Common Sense and Caution

All charities might be good, but they are not created equal. We should always do everything possible, of course, to support the environment and the biosphere. But, for most of us, money for charity can be extremely, even severely, limited. So, we must use caution and make very careful, thoughtful, and considered choices.

A species might look "cute" from a distance, as is the case with some polar bears or wolves (two of the most popular recent animalcharities). But these creatures might be, in the wild, lethal to human beings and to all other life-forms, especially if they are carnivores.

Do carnivores have the right to exist in peace, undisturbed by human beings? Of course they do, and we should always insist that they have the right to be, as nature itself teaches us. Yet on a planet such as ours, where many other creatures (baby seals, for example) are suffering and dying, and where creatures (such as monkeys) are dying horrible deaths in "scientific" experiments, we can be excused if we prioritize our very scarce dollars to support these creatures before we support the others. Also, and let us never forget this, the most important charities of all include human beings exactly like you and me, who will surely starve if not given aid of some kind. Due to the very nature of things, we think that human charities should come first.

So, when distributing those scarce dollars, let us be careful not to do so carelessly. Let us take our time, think about it, and prioritize. Let us put human beings first, and after them, the most sentient (and harmless) of creatures, including whales, dolphins, monkeys, apes, simians; then, llamas, horses, etc.

Since we are the people of Love, we want to exercise Love in our support of charities as well. There are, of course, no "hard and fast" laws, but these are just some simple suggestions that you might wish to consider.


the staff of Love Ministries USA

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