Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Latest Thoughts on Life and Death


We are not certain that it is the will of the Spirit for us to continue our work on earth. We are thinking a great deal these days about a peaceful exit. No decisions have been made, and no signs yet received. We do have one friend who has volunteered to be a donor; Adamaria is going to do the follow-through work with her, getting her tested, etc. I have been instructed to take a "hands off" (Taoist) approach; I will not manipulate, coerce, or interfere.

If this works, great! But if it does not, that must also be great! (If not, this is the "sign" from the cosmos that the work here on this nanoplanet is completed; indeed, I have six books, completed, which we cannot afford to publish, so more writing has been accomplished than Love Ministries can handle right now. This might be an indication that this phase of our everlasting work is completed.) But only time will tell.

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