Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Project K, Deathdesign, Economy, Etc.


Adamaria is no longer able to be a kidney-donor due to some kidney-problems of her own. She is not in trouble, but the docs want a "perfect" kidney for the transplant.

This saddened her, but for only about one day.

The continual challenge is to adjust to this rather fluidic situation-- a real test of our "Taoism." For, in Taoism, if what you want comes to pass, that is celebrated as "good." But if it does not happen, the "good" must also be found in that event. Your life is greatly enriched if whatever happens can be seen as "good."

So, the interior Instruction of the heart is now to take a completely "Taoist" attitude towards this subject. That attitude prevents any interference, manipulation, control, coercion, or even initiation or preference. This is true "Flogoing," going with the Flow. Sometimes, the great Flow seems to help us; and sometimes, It seems to hurt us. But It is rooted in a Mind that is purest Love, and our faith in that Love is continuously challenged.

These lives are very good; that is why we are designed to hold onto them rather tenaciously. Birth is good, life is good, and death is good. Most accept the first two, but have a whoppingly terrible time with the third statement. But death is only the flipside of a life that is eternal, non-ending, or everlasting. As it says in the great Indian mystical classic, "The Song of God," death is, to the Soul, not much more than "changing clothes.":)

We all have a specific time, chosen by the deep Soulmind, for our exit. We do not all want to die of old age-- which can be a most unpleasant, even terrible, way to exit. So, as Souls, some decide to exit this life "early." It is simply easier, and can be a demonstration of Love-- for the Soul, as well as for other people.

At any rate, a "good death" must be an intrinsic aspect of a good lifedesign. So, if and when our work is done, our mission accomplished, we might, as Souls, choose to leave this world. For, as Souls, this world holds little if any reason to continue our biological lives as human creatures; and an amazing, astonishing, breath-taking life awaits us as beings of pure energy or Mind.

But that decision has not yet been made. Recently, the Spirit was asked to give a sign as to whether this life was to continue. When it gave a positive, when we thought that all of Adamaria's tests were positive, we were willing to cooperate. But if that direction has changed now to "no," we must also be willing to cooperate.

But due to Love of this life, we are not giving up. We still have one or two more friends who can be tested for compatibility. Adamaria has volunteered to take care of this, as I cannot do so with a vow of Taoism. Only time will provide an ultimate (and perhaps final) answer to this important question: "Is it true destiny for this donkey to remain on this planet at this time?"

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