Saturday, October 11, 2008

"Lovelight" Magazine


Of course, as a man of poverty, I tend to see everything as overpriced.

I think that this [overpricing] is caused by the "demon" of greed, and it has become a major economic catastrophe in our country, and on our plannet. [It is a form of the service of fear. And fear is the "only devil."] We are all growing, but with incredible slowness, into Love, and out of fear. Thank Love for that!

Being relatively poor, I am limited in financial connections. But Love Ministries does publish an ezine once a month. It is called Lovelight magazine. It includes, in its twenty pages, humor, household tips, useful info, wordplay, small personal pieces, etc., to share the Way of Love. It has a readership of only about two to three hundred, but a couple of charity-drives for Love Ministries Federation have succeeded due to the kind generosity of its readers.

If you would like to write a small article (one or two paragraphs)describing your economic needs, we would be glad to publish it in the November 08 issue, which will come out about November 1. (The October 08 issue is due to come out today. We'll be glad to send you a copy. Subscriptions are free.) Perhaps this can be of some help.

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