Monday, October 20, 2008

Just released! LCV's 2008 National Environmental Scorecard

Just released!
LCV's 2008 National Environmental Scorecard

This year, as the nation struggled with record high gas prices and oil companies reaped record profits, our nation's energy crisis and the dangers of our dependence on oil could not have been more apparent.

How did Ohio's delegation score on energy votes this session?

Ohio's delegation was split between those who favored continued dependence on oil and other dirty fossil fuels and those who favored renewable energy and energy efficiency. Representatives Kaptur, Kucinich, and Sutton earned scores of 92%, Senator Brown earned a 91%, and all continuously fought for clean energy alternatives. However, over half of the delegation received 50% or lower, and Representatives Jordan, Latta, and Boehner earned abysmal scores of 0%.

While we applaud those who championed clean energy solutions that will create jobs, save consumers money, and protect the planet, we are disappointed that so many in the delegation sided with Big Oil over the interests of their constituents. The average Ohio Senate score was 55%, and the average Ohio House score was 46%.

The 110th Congress started out strong. The House passed a bill to repeal more than $13 billion in subsidies to Big Oil and to increase funding for clean, renewable energy. And, the first increase in fuel efficiency standards since 1975 was passed and signed into law.

Unfortunately, too many in Congress put the interests of Big Oil before their constituents, and blocked much needed additional progress towards a clean energy future.

LCV's 2008 Scorecard highlights critical energy votes from this last session and how each and every Member of Congress voted. Click here to view LCV's 2008 Scorecard.

Will you help educate others on the environmental votes of the 110th Congress? After viewing the Scorecard, please spread the word by forwarding this to your friends and family.

Thank you,

Gene Karpinski
League of Conservation Voters

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