Sunday, October 05, 2008

Articles in the uld


It is also my personal preference to write articles of a deeply spiritual nature; so, they will be back, very soon! In fact, they will never go away.:) That is what "universal Love" is all about. But we must not allow the real beauties of the spiritual to lead us down the path of denial. Our world contains many factors and views that are relevant , even if peripheral, to spirituality. Indeed, there is not a moment, or tiny event, of your life, of our lives, that is untouched by deep spirituality.

Some of our sisters and brothers emphasize points of view, and life-areas, that might be different from our own. Life tends to make us all "specialists," to some extent. So, meanwhile, it can be our "test" to accept, and even to understand, perspectives that are different from our own. This is an exercise in non-egoic existence, and increases both our wisdom and our knowledge, as well as humility.

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