Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Love Ministries Federation


If you want to teach only the Love of God, as the primary teaching of Jesus and his disciples, you are welcome to join the Love Ministries Federation. If you do, you are under no obligation. Love Ministries USA publishes two email magazines, the "Universal Love Digest," which comes out every two or three days, and Lovelight magazine, which is released once a month. You are welcome to a free subscription to both.

Periodically, it is our goal financially to support small independent ministries such as yours. This is done by asking our readers to send in donations, which we then divide up among the following members of our Federation (in alphabbetical order):

Love Ministries of India
Love Ministries of Kenya
Love Ministries of Pakistan
Love Ministries of Rwanda
Love Ministries of Sierra Leone(?)
Love Ministries of Uganda.

As of this time (Tuesday, October 14), we have received no new donations, for about a month, from any of our friends; but, when we do, we will be happy to support your work for the poor. Please continue to teach, and to practice, the sacred work of teaching the infinite Love of our Lord. May you be blessed with peace and joy.


Richard [Francis],
Love Ministries USA

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