Saturday, June 03, 2006

Vegetarianism 2

It is our intent simply to educate, not to change, or force change, on other adults. It is just such a good, positive, productive, and pure motion towards our planet, and towards living things, to refuse to eat them.

There is now available such a wide spectrum of meat-substitutes that one no longer has to "suffer," as in previous times, to be a veggie. At the average store, you can find twenty kinds of burgers with no meat, plus sausage, bacon, hot dogs, chicken, fish, and every other kind of food, very high in pure protein!

When we were cave-men, we arguably had to eat animals or die. That is understood. But nature herself virtually shouts that we are natural herbivores. Every bio-indicator proves that we were designed to live a full and healthy, happy life without abusing our little sisters and brothers, the animals.

What might wake people up is if we encounter an alien species that is very far advanced beyond us. then, using the same "logic" that human beings use about "inferior species," that race might pen us up and fatten us up for dinner. Same reasoning. How would human beings like to see their children, their Love-partners, or themselves, become someone's dinner? It makes you think.:)

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