Saturday, June 24, 2006

Outgrowing the God of Hate

It sounds as if you were brought up, as a child, with the tragic, very sad, and hideous image of "God" as a soldier-- a rather merciless and monstrous godimage inherited from, and developed and created by, the ancient Hebrews. This nightmarish image of God is still taught in the Hebrew Scriptures (the proper name for what is usually called the "Old Testament.")

What can you do to come into the belief, which itself is healthy and healing, that "God is Love"?

First, change the input. When reading spiritually, do not allow yourself to be exposed to this negative, discouraging, and dreary god-image of the ancient wargod. Read the words of Jesus. In Matthew chapter 5, for example, he rejected much of this "OT" heritage in favor of the Way of Love. You might even want to get a concordance to the Scriptures, and read, over and over, every verse in the Christian Scriptures that speaks about Love. Do yourself a great favor, and avoid reading in the Hebrew part of the Bible, at least, while recovering.

After carefully deleting all negative references, consistently, make it an important part of your lifedesign to include only and exclusively positive spiritual material. "Accept no substitutes. Accept only positive spiritual material. If you can, open your mind to other sources of input, such as reading in Taoism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. (They are traditions not contaminated or corrupted with this destructive god-image.) We at Love Ministries distribute sixteen books. You are welcome to any that you want, free. Just drop us a snailmail line at:

Love Ministries, Inc.
5100 Liberty-Fairfield Rd.
Liberty Township, OH 45011

Also, if you live nearby, you can attend, every two weeks, our Pneumarium gatherings. They are free, and are gatherings of mystics and mystical students. In these, we discuss Love and the God of Love exclusively. We are having a gathering this Sunday, June 25. For more info, please call 737-LOVE. Or, please find a positive and progressive church, such as a Science of Mind or Unitarian church. If you are attending a fundamentalist church, you must change this fact, or you cannot, and will not, be able to recover. Your spiritual health is at stake, and so, you want to commit as much timenergy as possible to getting well.

Avoid people of ignorance and darkness. This means any church, or "friends," who are of a fundamentalist bent or orientation. Accept, as regular friends, only those who are truly interested in cultivating a higher spiritual life, and who have at least begun to see the Light.

I am so sorry, my friend, to hear the sad news that you have been reared in this dark tradition. But the good news is very bright indeed: The good news is that, with time, full recovery is possible. It took years for this negative programming to take root and grow. Love is like a flower, and it, too, takes years to grow. So, be very patient with yourself. By God's grace, relax into the knowing that, in time, Love too will grow. It is stronger than any program of illusion and, in time, will replace all the delusions of fundamentalism, no matter how strong they seem to be.

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