Monday, June 26, 2006

Cosmic History in a Nutshell

Yahweh was not the God of the cosmos. That was Elohim, the "gods" of earlier and earliest Genesis. Yahweh was, according to the gnostics and Gnostics, a lesser being, a nonphysical being who was himself caught up in ignorance and illusion. He became the agent for waking dreaming, and for supporting the worldream as "reality." He was the god of illusion.

After many years of research, study, and meditation, I have come to the "fantastic" (nontraditional) conclusion (always tentative) that Yahweh was likely one of the Elohim, a group of superadvanced nonphysical extraterrestrials. They traveled through the galaxy, seeding appropriate planetary systems with the "molecular seeds" (macromolecules, biomolecules) of life.

Their longterm goal was to create sentient (selfaware) life that had the potential to become spiritual. But they were still limited in their biotech, so they worked with the biopotenntials that they found on a
planet. I also think it possible that they returned periodically to alter the dna code of living organisms, which is why we share about 98% of our dna with chimps.

The Elohim wanted people to grow, and to wake up, and someday, even to join the galactic community. But Yahweh mutinied because he found a very primitive people who agreed to worship only him. He was on a massive egotrip, and this was very superimportant to him, as he often makes known in the earliest Hebrew writings.

Ever since then, people have been actively misled by the Yahweh-myth, which, like so many, was originally founded in fact. While the Elohim were Love, and their only faith was Love, Yahweh broke away and started an egocult. Yahweh misled, in the beginning, Jews and Christians. For all that I know, a similar being might have been Allah.

The word "mystic" often brings to mind some kind of fool or dreamer. Mystics are thought to be psychics,magicians, or just plain "weird," in several ways.

While people are too quick to bicker and to disagree, we human beings do not like much to say positive things about each other, and that is an utter shame.

We [mystics] believe in the existence of evil. It is everywhere evident. But we deny it absolute existence or reality. Evil is part of the "dreamworld," the world of spacetime-- in other words, everyday, ordinary reality. So, we must deal with evil, as well as its twin children, ignorance and stupidity.

This is, I believe, where Yahweh enters the picture. It is not certain that "he," or "it," is still even alive. But regardless, that myth has altered Western civilization-- very much for the worse. For Yahweh suffered from some rather severe mental illnesses, which even his colleagues among the Elohim could not cure, for some reason. (This was an energic imbalance, since none of the Elohim had physical bodies.) After that, the various cultures of the Middle East turned the other Elohim into all the pantheon of gods and goddesses.

Creatures, who start out in the perfect "image of God," fall "asleep" spiritually, into illusion. In the Genesis account, Yahweh (source of illusion) put 'Adam' (humanmind) to sleep; but He never woke him up. So, it could be argued that all of human history, in the allegory of Genesis, took place within the sleeping mind. In that same myth, people were ejected from paradise (perfect oneness with Mind) or 'pleasure' (Eden) when they "ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil."

"Knowledge" was not the problem. But it was that kind of 'knowledge' that got the human nature or mind ("Adam and Eve") into trouble. For this represents the human assumption that evil is as 'real' and as powerful as good.

In the first chapters of Genesis, God-- Elohim, not Yahweh-- declares the entire world, several times, to be "very good." Human nature lives in a perfect, peaceful "garden" until it disagrees with this declaration of God, or "the gods." The human mind says, in effect, "Yes, God was right: The world is mostly good; but in declaring it all to be good, he made a mistake. For parts of the cosmos are evil. And that evil is as real as the good."

After this "fall from grace," humanity became entrapped in the illusion of the dreamworld. Believing the illusion, they fell so far that they regarded themselves as animals; in actuality, they were magnificent Beings of great Mind. They had enormous mental capacities.

But caught in the illusion that the Indian classics call maya, the earth, begun as a kind of paradise "amusement park," became a prison. This started the horrific and nightmarish wheel of karma (symbolized by Cain's killing of Abel). Many souls degenerated, making mistakes, and repeating them, life after life, falling more deeply into delusion and illusion. Some have been doing this for centuries, millennia, or even eons. Thus, george bush and cronies!

These souls have not a clue regarding the truth. As the Celestial Song says, they are completely deluded by the 'material' world, and this classic calls them "demonic," so deep is their ignorance.

Evil is everywhere in the dreamworld precisely because we are engendered by the Mind as totally free beings. For 'partial freedom' is not freedom at all. [It is an oxymoron.] A creature is either free or not free; there are no graduations of relative freedom, in cosmic terms. And because we are totally free, with no restrictions re our choices at all, we can be as evil, stupid, or ignorant as we choose to be. It is much easier to be ignorant, and human nature is quite lazy.

Wrong decisions, among humans, are notoriously common. Many serve violence, materialism, fear, or greed. All forms of evil can be traced to the root of fear, which is Love's conceptual (but not actual) opposite. Those who, out of ignorance, choose to serve fear guarantee a life of stupidity and spiritual darkness. They have not a clue about Reality (Mind).

That "sin" from "Eden" (pleasure) was dualism, the illusion that anything or anyone existed, could exist, apart, separate from, the One, the one Mind. This illusion creates the demon "fear," and dualism is the illusion to which all other illusions are traced. Only Love can liberate us from this karma, the ignorance and wrong decisions of millennia. This is why Love was featured in Hinduism, in which Krishna says, "I am the Lord of Love." This is also the Buddhist maitri and karuna, the Greek agape. Mystics are not perfect people, and do not claim to be. They are learning and growing just like everybody else. But they do have special insight about the 'game,' and how to 'play' it with the final goal of liberation from the whole game.

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