Friday, June 09, 2006

Important Question: The Destiny of "High Spirits"

Dearest Friends of the Heart,

We are, at Love Ministries, approaching an important nexus or crossroads. We are, of course, going to take fullest advantage of consultation with the deeper Unconscious (soul) and deepest Unconscious (Spirit) to find our answers.

But this crossroads is also about you. It is specifically about our path of service in relation to the people whom we love. So, we are actively seeking and requesting your feedback.

There are two very important paths in spirituality now opening up for the Ministries. Either path might change the Ministries, especially their direction, significantly, and perhaps, in the near and far futures.

We are, as all of you know, somewhat sadly limited in funds. We would rather that things remain this way than for us to become a "commercialized" enterprise, which we do not want, under any conditions.

Let us be completely honest and detailed here, for you cannot act without the relevant data. And it is this: To renew the contract for the radioprogram for another thirteen weeks would cost $2600 (two hundred dollars a week). This is a huge expense for Love Ministries.

The last time, we had a "drive" in which so many of you, our beautiful and very generous sisters and brothers participated with joy! You made the fulfillment of this dream possible! By your Love and support, it became a reality!:) (This became true even though some did not actually fulfill their pledges.) And, to be completely honest, as befits a revealing relationship between healthy friends, we are very deeply in "spiritual debt" (as if there were such a thing in Love) especially to our dearest sister Pat Fields, who, in humility, would never have this fact known; still, it is a fact. Thanks, Pat!

Many others participated in making donations of five dollars per week-- "bubblegum money" to many, but we know that, for our friends, it was a great contribution. For our friends are not wealthy people! Thanks, then, to all of you!

Here is the second potential plan: If we do not do the radioprogram, we will have sufficient funds to publish a book that we feel might contribute something to peace-- much needed on our poor little planet.

This book highlights the teachings of the Love-tradition in Christian, Jewish, and Islamic history. In other words, it examines in some detail the mystical traditions in the three great monotheisms-- gnosticism in Christianity, kabbalism in Judaism, and sufism in Islam. (The names of these traditions are initiated with small-case letters because they are generic equivalents to "mysticism.")

This book might be nearly a thousand pages long, and contain over 150 footnotes. It is no "lightweight.":) Reading it might give valuable knowledge and understanding to the confused people of our world. (The book is called Hope for Our Poor Little Planet: The Love-tradition in
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Perhaps it could be distributed to people in leadership-positions. We are still uncertain of its destiny.)

Now, here is the question that we have for you, my friends (as we deeply respect your ideas and opinions): Should we use our limited funds to publish the book, or should we use those funds to renew the contract for the radioprogram for another thirteen weeks? (The show, under the present contract, has only two more weeks left.)

Please consider this important, life-changing inquiry together with us, in meditation/prayer.


shi and the Love Education Team of Love Ministries

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