Saturday, June 17, 2006

More Reflections

More Reflections

Mind lives in and through all creatures-- and all plants. So, these living things, with all their beauty, need to be respected as parts of the sacred cosmos.

This cosmos could be described in as lively a metaphoric style as those that marked mythology. An allegorical tale describing the human mind and the great Mind through symbols is fascinating. The book of Revelation, the last in the Bible, is precisely just this kind of symbolic allegory.

I have written a book stating and embellishing this premise.

It is a verse-by-verse commentary on the Book of Revelation. It is called The Apocalypse of Love: Mystical Symblism in Revelation. If you would like a copy, please just say the word, and I will send you one. I think that you would find this slant, this demolition of literalism, quite fascinating.

You ask about the definition of "mind." It is so present in everything that it can be definitionally evasive, or can be even "invisible" to the intellect. After all, it is the source of all these considerations, and the source of selfawareness. But I would define "Mind" something like the following:

It is a force or energy that creates and maintains reason, stability, and structure in the material, emotional, and spiritual cosmos. It is consciousness, and possesses Selfconsciousness.

It has will (desire), purpose, and plan. It operates through tiny subunits, one of which is "your" mind, and one of which is "mine." But Mind Itself is transpersonal, not personal. It belongs to all, and none in particular. Its operative methodology includes, but is not limited to, reason and logic. It also has many parapsychological or "psychic" aspects, some of which are "supernatural," or not describable according to earthly nature. That is, it cannot be described fully by words, or contained within descriptions of nature.

Its very nucleus, and most important manifestation, is "Love." This is, like the Greek eros, the force that holds together the material cosmos, but it is, in a higher manifestation, also that process that creates harmony and resonance between higher life-forms. From It arise satisfaction in stability (joy) and solidarity in structure (tranquility).

Clearly, this is far from "scientific,"

But perhaps it is a workable definition of the Indefinable.

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