Saturday, June 03, 2006

Spiritual Free-lancing and Organized Religion

Originally, religion was supposed to be, ideally, the hand-maiden of spirituality. But it has almost never been so. Religion usually evolves into an "institution" or "organization." When this happens-- and it almost always does-- religion becomes a matter of economics, administration, and politics. The great founding teachers never had this monstrous development in mind when teaching their clear and simple message of Love.

Religion is also about the unhealthy "parental" control of other adults. Arrogant men try to be your "daddies," even after you have grown up. They do not want you to grow up spiritually, and will do everything possible to keep you in spiritual toddlerstates, completely dependent upon them. Religion is about controlling minds, which gives control also of a person's finances. Tragically, religion is most often about greed and power.

Acceptance into a religious faith is always highly conditional. For no faith follows the perfect rule of unconditional Love. (Any religion, no matter how well-intentioned, is only as strong as its weakest link.) So, you must pass an "acid-test" for beliefs when you join an organized religion.

The spiritual Way requires only an interior transformation of the heartmind. But no one sees this; and very much in religion is about impressing other people. That is why it requires such a silly dance" to get into a religion. Religion has never been about kindness or compassion. The truth is, it is not even about "saving" people. It is all about maintaining the "right" dogmas and doctrines.
So, some organized religions do not hesitate to use even cruelty if it will tend to "strengthen the org."

It is simplest, and in most cases, extremely satisfying, to cultivate a personal spiritual life outside of organized religion. But because this teaching cuts off the supply of money, it has been damned as "heresy" or "apostasy" by every organized religion.

Can we love God and people without the organized faith? Of course we can. This is the "secret" that religion has worked hard to cover and to hide from the beginning. For one can have a very full and very rich spiritual life outside the walls of organized religion.

This is very important. One should not simply walk out of a religion that is unsatisfying, without some preparation. Leaving a supporting faith can be traumatic and shocking. One must prepare, long and seriously, for the faith of a free-lancer. One must find and create the selfdiscipline to do spiritual reading, regular meditation, and, most importantly, regular acts of Love and compassion. If you are prepared to take on this large life-task, then you are ready to go it alone. But "flying solo" is not easy, and few will find the courage and wisdom to do it. But it promises huge joy and enormous contentment.

As adults, we are supposed naturally to grow in the direction of spiritual independence. But all of organized religion resists this. They want to keep you "hooked" on the system. They claim that you need "daddies" (priests, pastors, ministers, elders, or gurus) to make decisions for you. An independent grown-up does not need this spiritual slavery, but is free before God (Love) to make any and all spiritual decisions independently. If this is your calling from Love, we are always here to serve.:)

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