Monday, June 26, 2006

Faith, Healing, and Backsliding

"Faith" is living in awareness that God, the deepest, most beautiful, perfect, Love-filled Mind, is in charge of your life.

The person who has faith can live a very "flowing," easy, effortless life. She does not feel that she must control everything and everyone. Like the very old song says, she can just "let it be." She trusts the interior Power of God to take care of her, and of the whole cosmos. She does not force, push, pull, interfere, manipulate, or worry. So, because she takes a "live and let live" atitude towards other adults, her life is filled with profound tranquillity

"Healing" can occur on many levels, at various stages or phases. Not all healing is physical. We can also heal mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and in learning to change, and relax, the mind. Every act of Love is an act of healing. But healing occurs in degrees. every day, every living creature is healed; at its base, the simple and ubiquitous reproduction of cells is "healing." You are healing right now. Many cases of healing are not even registered by the conscious mind, for they are too subtle. (The replacement of dead cells is this kind of healing.) Also, a condition can be healed 4%, 30%, 39%, or 79%. Not every healing is a one hundred percent phenomenon. Most conditions take much time to heal, although spontaneous healing is also a well-documented fact. To love your body is always healing, even if you cannot detect the healing Power of this Love. In selflove, we always want to support the healing Power, and this we do by making sure that we give our bodies enough rest, exercise, good nutrition, etc. Out of selflove, we also avoid toxins that hurt or poison the body. A vegetarian diet is a superb way of supporting the natural healing processes of the body.

In another kind of healing, mental, emotional, and spiritual, the very best therapy is "agapotherapy," the regular, consistent practice of Love, for both the self and others. "Acognitive" therapy, pervasive meditation, can also be healing, as it opens the doors of the heartmind to the passage of Mind, unclouded by thoughts.

"Backsliding" is a common human occurrence. It is having seen the Light that Love is our answer to all of our problems. Then, having seen this clearly, we go back to old habits. People often backslide nutritionally, eating what they know to be bad for their health. People often backslide sexually, becoming engaged in behavior, or even relationships, that have sex, not Love, as the primary goal or center. These do not usually support Love, and allow the senses to become the invalid "master" of life.

"Backsliding" is doing what you know is not right, or good for you, or from Love, due to a plethora of human weaknesses. Is this "evil"? No, it is more likely weakness, so we must forgive ourselves. but is it karmically dangerous? Yes, it can be, for often, we do not fully forgive ourselves, and so, create painful karma for our future.

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