Friday, June 09, 2006

Alternative Senator for Ohio

DeWine sides with billionaires over Ohio families

NEWS FLASH: Sen. Mike DeWine votes to protect special tax breaks for Ohio's wealthiest families after voting against college tax credits for working families.

Whose side is Mike DeWine on?

If you are a billionaire, he's your man. But if you're an Ohio student who needs help paying for college, then DeWine is nowhere to be found.

On Thursday, DeWine voted to eliminate the estate tax, which would give the richest 0.5% of Americans a special tax exemption.

This comes a month after he struck a blow to middle-class families by voting for a bill to eliminate the college tax credit.

DeWine has made the repeal of the estate tax a top priority -- even though only 896 Ohioans had estate tax liability in 2003. More than 99% of Ohioans who inherited property paid no estate tax.

Meanwhile, the college tax credit helped more than 130,000 Ohioans pay for school that same year.

The vote was about choices -- whose side are you on? It is clear that Mike DeWine is not on the side of Ohio students.

Why is Mike DeWine not on your side?

It's because DeWine is part of the pay-to-play system in Washington that rewards big contributors and ignores the interests of hard-working Ohio families.

Just take a look at the pay-to-play system in action:

PAY: ExxonMobile has contributed at least $34,000 to DeWine since 1990. Oil companies in total have contributed about $300,000 to him since then.

PLAY: Sen. DeWine votes to permanently repeal the estate tax, which will give the CEOs of the five largest oil companies a $211 million tax break. The CEO of ExxonMobil alone could receive $160 million.

Sherrod has voted against giving special tax breaks to America's wealthiest families. He wants what Ohio parents and students want -- full funding for Pell Grants and school loan programs, so that every Ohioan who wants to attend college is able to do so.

This election will provide voters a clear choice between a defender of corporate special interests and a true champion for Ohio families.

I know where you stand. Help us spread the word to your friends and neighbors.

Together we can make a difference for generations to come.


Joanna Kuebler
Communications Director
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