Thursday, May 26, 2005

The True "Spiritual Master"


The definition of a "spiritual master" is the person who has mastered the self. A genuine "master" is not, and does not seek to be, the "master" of other people. They are not less than (s)he; (s)he is not "their" master, as if they were mere "servants." The true "master" has mastered humility, and does not see her(him) self as "better" than, or superior to, others. The major quality that marks the selfmastery of any being is her having cultivated as perfect, and as universal, a Love as possible.

This should be the very first priority in any definition. All historical masters, including Jesus, the Buddha, Lao Tzu, and Patanjali, agree that this is so. But Love is barely mentioned in the attempt by Maticintin ("Winged Wolf") to define "masterhood,", and is second or third on the list of identifying characteristics.

The primary emphasis is on the master's "knowledge." While knowledge is crucial -- and wisdom even more so -- it is not the primary identifying quality of a true spiritual master. Historical masters were never presented as simply walking encyclopedias. Cultleaders often ignore this fact, because an indispensable aspect of Love is freedom -- precisely what they want to steal from their followers.

Her definition smacks of grandiosity and ego. She claims the master literally "knows everything" about the natural world. The writer claims that she is herself such a master. In fact, she pathetically, ludicrously labels herself a "Wisdom Master." This betrays strong ego, in compensation for weak selfesteem. She is a cultist, who will do virtually anything to get her followers to adore her. Again, this is psychological compensation for self-dislike.

If anyone in the world "knew everything" about nature, biomedical and other scientists would be beating a path to her door, and then, beating that door down to get to her. The mysteries of molecular and cellular biology (cytology) are abundant, as are those of genetics and related fields. According to Maticintin's own limited definition, she holds the secrets to all the mysteries of nature.

Such a "master" is obligated by conscience to cure cancer, starvation, and all the other medical ills of the world. And no one, including Maticintin, has ever had the knowledge to do so. This woman is clearly a pretender to "mastership," if we accept her own definition.

Of course, everyone would love to be a "master." In her fantasies, Maticintin is no different: She longs to be a "master." But her dreams have become confused with reality, and she believes that she is a master already! But a true master would be so unselfconscious (egoless), and so comfortable within her own skin, that it would never occur to her to trumpet and highlight her mastership, as she has done. A true master would be a master of humility, one of the "fruits" of the "tree of Love."

She would refuse to selfdisplay, and would share her infinite "intrinsic" knowledge with the whole world. A true master would be so generous, and so selfconfident, that she would not even seek credit for her spiritual brilliance.

For she insists, correctly, that much of the wisdom of the master is inherent or intrinsic, not learned. It is karmic, and she is born with it. This includes, she says, full knowledge of physics, or "how the universe is formed." So, questions of subatomic structure should be child's play for the "master" to elucidate. Such a master should be able, and willing, to perfect nanotechnology, and so, to create a world of infinite material riches, feeding, and fulfilling every need of, every

This knowledge includes also "how the karma of all life-forms are intertwined within it [the cosmos]." So, the giant and complex problems facing groups, nations, and important leaders should be able to be prophesied in advance, before they happen. No one has ever manifested this kind of precognitive accuracy. And you can bet that if anyone ever did show this kind of prescience, there would be an immediate media frenzy! This person's name would instantly become a household word. But, as noted, a real "master" would not be marked by knowledge alone, but by deep and tender compassion.

She claims that a master's "detachment" would make him "fearless." This is true, and this could be very easily put to the test, in several ways. Maticintin has claimed to be a fully enlightened master, to have overcome all fears. Has anyone ever put this claim to a real test?

The part about "selfless" attention to the "good of the whole" is spot on, and quite accurate.

She misidentifies "God" as "void." From one perspective, God is indeed the Buddhist sunyata, or "infinite potential"-- the spiritual meaning of "void." But this emphasis is to miss the entire point that God is more immediately, and more practically, and more positively Love.

At the conclusion of the piece, she identifies herself as a "master." If she makes this incredibly glorious claim, she has a lot to prove. Talk is cheap, and easy: Anyone can say anything. But her own criteria must be met before anyone with half a brain will believe her unbelievable claim to be a true "master."

It is interesting to wonder how this selfproclaimed master, who "knows everything" about everything in the cosmos, would fare on a college-level exam in biology, chemistry, or physics. Her proposition that the master is omniscient could be very easily tested. It is seriously doubted that she would pass such a series of comprehensive exams.


Mark Walter said...

Most people have a real problem with discernment. I suppose most people who think of themselves as very advanced masters are not. But there are some who are. It's similar to people who claim they or someone else is an "advanced" or "old" soul. I believe for the most part, they are not.

On the other hand, lack of sound discernment tools happens in the opposite direction. In other words, people have an even harder time discerning a true master than they do discerning a wanna-be master.

True masters are like looking into a bright light - it makes your eyes burn. So they can live anonomously if they choose. That's because most people don't know how to see and most people don't want to see.

Anonymous said...

As a student of Wisdom Master Maticintin for the past eight years, I can tell you that in all the time I have spent with her, I have never seen her act from personal motives. She always does what is required to assist her students and others to become more aware, more awake. If this is not a definition of true unconditional love, I don't know what is. I know that this is difficult to understand because we do not associate with such people very often, and it is easy to ascribe to others the pretense of our own ways of thinking and motivations.

One thing that Master Maticintin does say about the validity of a true spiritual teacher, is to really check them out before you decide to study with them. I would suggest that you and your readers check out and go visit the Teacher to really check her out before making assumptions about her validity as a spiritual master. I can tell you that it would be well worth the trip!