Wednesday, May 25, 2005

People First


In the United States, and in other places, greed has become the Number One religion, and oil is often its god.

Corporations often roll over human rights like a bulldozer. The voice of the people is often drowned out by loud machinery, and leaders become dull, insipid, and insensitive due to the lure of megabucks.

This hurts people seriously, and in many ways. So, it is antiagapic (against Love), and counterspiritual.

As a solution, we need continuously to emphasize the Way of Compassion -- by both words and activities. Not only that, but we need to demand that our leaders -- religious, economic, and political -- restore to society the values of goodness, kindness, empathy, generosity, and fairness. Where dollars become the center of life, compassion fades and evaporates.

The current system has betrayed all people except the very wealthy. Through its direct action to support only corporations through "corporate welfare," it has ruined and reversed the rights of senior citizens (prescription-drug bills that favor the pharmaceutical industry) and young people (every child left behind). It has stripped the people of power by granting billions to energy-companies, and has decided to ruin even the planet itself, for immediate bucks, by reversing decades of
positive eco-legislation. It has wounded the most vulnerable members of our society, including, most disgracefully, the very veterans who have maintained our rights by paying the ultimate price.

Let us do everything possible to bring compassion into the public spotlight and the arena of public discussion. For if compassion is allowed to die in a flood of oil and blood, everything valuable within the human psyche will also perish.

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