Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Design and "biomind"


Some evolutionists embrace the philosophy of evolutionism as well as the science of evolution. They are often far too "black and white." As you might know, I embrace evolution as directed by an intelligence built into matter itself -- an organizing principle or tendency, if you are more comfortable with those phrases. I call my perspective the "evolution/design integrative theory," or "edit," for it accepts and
embraces the factual aspects of evolution, yet it is not reductionistic; it does not say, in other words, that life just "fell together" by a random collision of molecules.

I am not a "creationist." But there is clearly mathematical design in living systems. The cell, so small that hundreds could crowd together on the period at the end of this sentence, is as complex as the metroplex of New York City. It performs thousands of complex processes per second, at lightning-speed, and with ultrananoscopic precision. That is clearly "design." To argue its random evolution is analogous, to me, of arguing that a dictionary came from an explosion in a print-shop, or that if ten thousand monkeys typed long enough, they would, sooner or later, produce the full Encyclopedia Britannica. Random molecular evolutionists have
seriously argued this! I call it the "i.b.i." theory -- the impossible becomes the inevitable, with the passage of enough time!

"Design" does not imply some "big daddy in the sky." Instead, it can refer to a finer organizing principle within atoms or molecules themselves, and within cells. What force causes a thousand million atoms to rush around in the cell, each finding its very specific and necessary lace? The only answer possible is some kind of organizing principle -- an invisible matrix-forming force that has everything arranged in specific time-sequences. This implies design, and that, of the very highest mathematical order.

I call this order "God," but I do not define God as a distant invisible Extraterrestrial. I define God as Love, and perhaps atoms are attracted to each other by a variety of "Love," which we call "atomic" or "interatomic" force.

Something astonishing is occurring with life. When evolution first became popular in the 1850's, the cell was seriously thought to be a simple "bag of chemicals." We now know that it is an intricately, meticulously hyperorganized set of extremely complex and interdependent processes that require perfect timing -- to the nanosecond. Even the most cynical must admit that something complex is occurring, as if nature never heard of simplistic answers. If "God" is within, it stands to natural reason that She/He is also within the cell.

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