Sunday, May 01, 2005

The End of Personal Karma


It is not emphasized enough in traditional Buddhist writings, or Scripture (the Sutras), but Love completely erases all karma for the one who has found the path.

No other has the power to impose karma upon the one who has been freed. And you are freed by having found the Way. If the other chooses not to forgive you of a past error, then she must learn to outgrow that selfcreated "hell" of unforgiveness. But you need not "go to hell" with her!

Love forever shatters the shackles of karma, if it is the ordinary reflective type of karma. Of course, it is selflove that actually creates the elective type of karma, chosen by a soul before incarnation, to cause, enhance, or accelerate spiritual growth. So, elective karma, the kind usually marking an enlightened soul, or a bodhisattva, is not neutralized by Love.

Love is greater than karma. Powerwise, in fact, It knows no rivals. Even the enormous power of karma yields to Love. As God, It overcomes all-- all unforgiveness, all hostility, all conflict. It neutralizes all of these negative feelings and behaviors. Continuous loving is the only force in the cosmos that can give you a "clean karmic slate." And the consistent opening to Love does indeed clean your slate of all errors, so that you do not have to live through "normal" reflective karma.

After all, the purpose of karma is to teach. Once a student in a school learns her lessons, you would be foolish and wasteful to hand-cuff her to her desk. She is free to go home. Once we have fully surrendered our lives to Love, we need not remain on the "treadmill" of terrible karma. For after enlightenment, we live in "grace," which is total, absolute forgiveness, from the deepest Mind (Lovemind).

Once you discover Love, you have found Reality. For Love=Reality=Mind=God. When you start to integrate Love, you practice perfect forgiveness. This releases you, but not necessarily the other, from all karma. Love lifts you off the terrible "wheel of life and death." You step off the wheel of timespace, out of maya ("illusion"). No power can ever enslave you again.

Jesus' famous statement, "You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free," can also validly be translated, "You will know Reality, and what is real will free you." This latter is much more mystical. For it is in knowing that only Mind is real that we are set free from both maya and karma.

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