Tuesday, May 31, 2005



The only real (eternal) growth is spiritual, but that has deep roots in the psychological. Never allow your freedom of emotional expression to depend on the "dumb crowd." You are created as a free being. You are free to express yourself, and your emotions, in any way that seems appropriate, and compassionate, to you.

Our friend is simply becoming, for the first time in many years, a free person. As is the case with you, this is also her destiny. She refuses now to be controlled by the shifting moods of others. She refuses to build her life around other people's changing moods or plans. She is becoming "as free as a bird," and she treasures the joys and riches of her new freedom. She wants to be free of all manipulation, and all control, from all people. For decades, her extremist fundamentalist husband controlled her every move, and was an iron vice-grip on her life. A taurus, he can be, and has been, extremely controlling. In fact, he secretly wants to control everyone in his life. He has no freedom, and doesn't want anyone else to enjoy it.

You are right: Your job is to create as much freedom in compassion as possible. If that means that God (Love) moves you out of one job, then She/He has another waiting for you. God/Goddess (nature) has given you the wonderful gift of an active brain; but how, or whether, you use it, is entirely up to you. That is yet another meaning of "freedom."

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