Friday, May 13, 2005

The Horror of Greed


The heartless, compassion-free administration has proved beyond the shadow of any reasonable doubt, in several ways, that if there is a choice between human health and more money, it will grab for the immediate bucks. If dollars are involved, greed always erases conscience with the guys at the top.

If this means increasing the particulate matter in the air, triggering bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, and other serious, sometimes deadly, lung-conditions, they have proved that they will carelessly give the go-ahead. They will go after the bucks even if the new legislation seriously impairs-- or even kills-- young children and older people.

They have now moved legislatively to increase the pollutants-- often deadly ones-- in our water supply, just as they previously allowed more hideously toxic mercury in our drinking-water. Now, they threaten, for the sake of greed and shorterm dollars, to allow sewage in drinking water. The problem is not a single person, but the powerful principle of abandoned greed that has taken over the lives of inept, incompetent, or just plain stupid political and economic leaders. Greed, when applied to ecology, is deadly to human beings; in the longterm, it is lethal to the
entire planet.

The solution? Let us live as ecologically as possible, and demand that political leaders, and their corporate pals, do the same! They have proved, several times, beyond any reasonable doubt that money is much more important to them than human life. (In the war, they have massacred a hundred thousand innocent people, all for oil.)

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