Thursday, May 26, 2005

This World and Karma


This world is designed specifically for the purpose of learning through the eradication or neutralization of karma. But to suppose that the world should be "better" because "all (or most of) the karma" has been "burned off," or balanced, is simplistic and naive.

Why? Because souls are capable of creating new karma continuously. And reason two is that the Mind can continue to create new souls continuously. And reason three is that the earth-school has not been "in business" that long. We, as simple human egos, might think of the earth as a very ancient system. Yet in terms of infinity, the entire history of the earth is but an eye-blink.

The souls that tend to incarnate on this planet are "kindergarten" souls, which means that they have only just begun to seek -- and almost never to find -- enlightenment, liberation, and the end of karma. Like all toddlers, spiritual toddlers are apt to make many, many mistakes -- creating billions of more karmic events -- than are more advanced souls.

So, earth is not only the place where karma can be erased; it is also the place where new karma is made.

Earth will get better. But it will grow only as the souls using it develop. Look around, and you will see that the souls on this planet are anything but spiritually grown-up or sophisticated. Graduation from this "school" takes many lifetimes, and the world is still full of pre-school toddlers or kindergarteners, first-graders, and second-graders. And how do we identify such spiritual "children"? They are continuously multiplying, proliferating, and increasing their karma. And this will continue to be a "kindergarten" school for at least a couple of thousand more earth-years.

To assume that the earth should be better is to assume that more karma is being neutralized than is being created. But, at present, in ignorance and greed, people are very busy creating karma, night and day, twenty-four seven, and almost no one is spending a single minute in voluntarily, deliberately, consciously erasing karma. So, since we have been on earth as human beings for a while, we arguably have more karma than ever! On an arrested planet, the years increase karma; they do not decrease it. The exception occurs to certain people. This rare type is she who lives in such pure Love that her Love erases karma; and such people are, and have always been, a microminority on earth.

Let us not be agonized in selfcreated hells by the slowness of spiritual growth. Instead, let us take all our timenergy and invest it in loving, as purely and as often, as possible. Let us go forth today determined to erase as much of our personal karma, by the Power of Love, as possible. You can never, except by forgiveness that reaches the other, erase the karma of another. But you certainly can eradicate your own!

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