Friday, May 06, 2005

The Curse of Fear as Greed


It would be a shame indeed to see simple, humble, kind, and generous people touched, or soiled, by greed. Everyone must do all that is possible to prevent the people of Love from becoming the people of fear (greed).

Greed is like "mad cow" disease. Only instead of consuming flesh, it "eats up" the finest qualities of heartmind and soul. In one of the books, it is given a disease-name-- "aphilosis"-- which means the "absence of Love."

It makes a nightmarish master. It demands everything! People seem to find it extremely difficult to make money without allowing that true need to evolve into greed. The cure seems to be simply knowing when enough is enough. We must know how much we need, to survive and to do our mission on earth, and refuse excess. Can there ever be such a thing as "excess money"? You bet there can!:)

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