Saturday, February 21, 2009

The "Will of God" and Personal Desires

The "will of God" is not at all complex. Doing the "will of God" is living out the "desires of Love." This is the greatest possible discovery for a human being. And doing this will is the greatest "achievement" possible, although it is selfless in the sense that, at its apex, the ego disappears into a galactic pool of Lovemind.

Not surprisingly, doing the "will of God" is never imposed by any external Source or authority. By definition, when we grow into our Godself, or Goddessself, it is what we want to do. For "God's will" has become my will and your will.

We do it not because we must, or "should," but because we want to maximize the fun and joy, peace and tranquility, of our own lives. This path might well begin selfishly, but ends up in selfless surrender to Love. This, again, is not a "duty," but a pleasure and delight.

Doing the "will of God" is not a blanket life-event. Instead, it involves the moment-by-moment yielding to Love. In every circumstance, as we grow, we ask not, "What do I want?"-- the older self, but, "What does Love want?"-- the newer or higher Self.

Every time we do an act of constructive or healing Love, whether expressed to our grandchildren, our pets, our friends or family, or other living creatures, we are "in" the "will of God." We are actively "doing" Her will.

To maximize this sweet condition or state of mind, we must simplify the mind, minimizing all personal desires that differ from, or conflict with, the will of Love. So, we must give up selfishness, egocentricity, greed, clinging, attachment, craving, etc., as is emphasized in Buddhism. These are all "roads to hell" that are selfcreated; in other words, they lead to only states of misery and unhappiness [what the Buddha called "suffering" (dukha in Sanskrit).]

Personal desires cannot ever be completely fulfilled. This insatiability is the reason that we cannot and do not find happiness or peace through the fulfillment of personal desires. Even if we spend a billion bucks trying, we can never create happiness by the fulfillment of personal desires, for this is a completely selfish path, and Love calls us to a much higher pursuit. It calls us, in fact, to become an "incarnation of Love."

This is nothing less than a transformation of identity. The ego-- the person named on our birth-certificates and driver's licenses-- is not our true Self. For our truest nature, or interior Self-- the "higher" or deeper Self-- is the Christnature or Buddhanature. In that deep Mind, each of us is a "daughter or son" of the One, of the Mind (Tao or Spirit). We are the "children" (creations, emanations, dreams,
expressions, or masks) of Love. When we awaken to this higher identity, the identity of the ego is seen as nothing but a complex mask or game, a role being played by the Soul. It is abandoned as illusion; and, as illusion, it can never lead us to real or genuine happiness. (It was never designed to; it exists for only our education.)

This realization is utter and final liberation, and takes many lives to discover and live out; but we should not forget that some of us have been on this path for centuries already. So, we need not become discouraged if the transformation does not apparently occur overnight.

We must turn deeply inward, in profound introspection, and discover or feel for this Self. When we contact It, we must then turn over all personal desires, remembering that, although they promise everything good, personal desires actually keep us in selfcreated hellstates. When we have totally let go of the final traces of personal desire, we have discovered liberation-- and it is an awesome, breath-taking experience of utter beauty and overwhelming Love. The mysticsaints and mastersages
call this state "bliss," or "ecstasy."

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