Saturday, February 21, 2009


We are still having Pneumarium-gatherings every two weeks, where we celebrate together our shared spiritual passion, and you enjoy a continuous invitation that does not expire. Our next sweet gathering of the family will be on March 1, then March 15, and then, every two weeks after.:) We also have over four hundred tapes from the radioprogram "Heartmind" if you are interested; they are all listed on our website,

Re passion: Passion can, of course, rise from the ego. But it can also arise from the Soul, or even the Spirit-- very deep areas of Mind indeed.

The word "passion" itself has no intrinsic connection with sexuality, although that is one of many uses of the word.

Passion is the joyful enthusiasm that makes life worth living, and anything worth doing. A life without passion is not fully alive. A person must commit her life to something greater than herself, and this is, by definition, a "passion." It might be her work, her art, her feelings, intellect, career, or spirituality. Most lives do not have the capacity to include more than one great passion, so we should carefully choose our passions.

But it is not always a matter of egochoice. Some of the greatest and most passionate people of history said that their passion chose them, rather than the other way around. The spirituality of Jesus or of Francis are two examples of great passions.

A passion is a concern that over-rides all other concerns. It is always Number One. It is first to make use of our time-- the "gold" of the cosmos.

Passion is positive, healthy "obsession"-- a great, consuming, demanding call from deep within. It becomes the very Center and nucleus of our lives.

And blessed are you if your passion is Love-spirituality, for there is none better or richer.:)

Many do not know what their passion is, or should be. The interior "voice" of the deepest Mind has grown weak and feeble, and can barely be heard.

To discover your passion, you need to ask yourself, "What do I really, really like?" Through positive spiritual will (desire), we can be magnetically drawn to our passion. But we must approach the subject fully and completely ready to give all our timenergy to its pursuit; half-measures, or part-time pursuits, will never qualify as a true "passion."

Art, writing, religion, and politics are common passions. But spirituality is the best investment of timenergy, for it lasts forever and has huge "dividends."

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