Sunday, February 08, 2009

Letter from Cathy

Dearest Friends of the Heart,

I know that some of you have been a bit anxious recently re Love Ministries, and specifically, you are concerned that the Ministries are running out of money.
In this world, this is always a necessary concern. And it is true that Love Ministries' funds have been depleted. For example, we have several books "waiting in the wings" to be published. The manuscripts are finished and completed, but funds are not there for publishing, which can be very expensive.
Thus, in view of this, Adamaria and I were very pleased and delighted to receive the following letter from Cathy Moullton of South Dakota. It suggests an idea that, we must admit, would never have occurred to us!
Anyway, here is the letter:

Dear Maria and Richard,

We thought this would be a fun idea. We would like to put out a fundraising challenge to friends and family who would help contribute to your book-publishing mission. We will match each person who donates $20-$250. If you would like to post this information on the "[Universal] Love Digest,"and/or send out an email about this, it would probably help to "jumpstart" people to make a contribution to this worthy cause. We're sending a check of our own... to start things up again in getting
your gbooks published. Take care of yourselves and be well.


Cathy and Boone [Posey]

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